Homeowners who Rent:

Please read the letters below if you rent your home for any length of time for the City of Needles Ordinance that must be followed

City of Needles Letter about Short Term Rentals

City of Needles Short Term Rental Application

RBV Short Term Rental Agreement – As of 08/02/2021

Faux Log Replacement Options/Requirements:

The attached is the requirements for your homes that have been adopted as of January 2020.

Viga Tail Requirements

The attached flyer is a company who can help with the faux logs on the sides of ours homes.  Please call them with any questions or for a quote:

AZ Faux Beams Products

Paint Colors:

The paint colors for the non-custom houses are listed on the “Paint Colors” page. We have also posted them in the girls restroom at the pool.  We have the actual “recipes” for the paint colors now as well.  You can view them on the “Paint Colors” page.  If you have any questions, please call the management company or email Jenn Lyon on the ARC Committee.  Her email is jenn_lyon@me.com or jennlyon26@gmail.com

Pool info: 

The pool key cards are in effect. Please write your RBV address on it. If it is lost, it will be easier to return to the rightful owner. You can request a replacement key for $50. Your old key will then be deactivated.

Next Homeowners Meetings

The Rio Buena Vista HOA 2022 Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday May 28th, 2022 in the Rio Buena Vista Pool Area at 8:00 A.M.

Special Notice

The 2 Candidates that will be on the 2022 Board Election Ballot are:

Mark Bantle

Jeff Marsden

HOA Dues

2022 Monthly Assessment is $115 per Lot

Please use this ACH Form to update your information with the management company – Click here for form


Amy Telnes Management Services LLC

Amy Telnes Email:  amy@atmshoa.com

General Inquiries:  LHCFrontDesk@atmshoa.com

Office:    (928) 505-1120

2563 N. Kiowa Blvd

Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403


The sewer cleaning contractor has recommended that owners pour Mineral oil or some other liquid that will not evaporate in the heat into the plumbing to “Seasonalize” their units when they are not there. This will prevent the P-Traps in the unit from drying out and allowing the odors to creep into the unit.

Many people have installed flappers on their outgoing sewer lines which has solved their odor problems.  This one way flapper is installed in the sewer exiting pipe and only opens when waste exits through the pipes.  When nothing is flowing out the pipes, the flapper remains shut and seals off the pipe to the home so no gases can travel through the empty pipe and up into the unit.  They are simple to install and any plumber should be able to do this.  The Association has been using Colorado River Plumbing for leaks and repairs in the pool area, and they have done a good job.  We recommend you give them a call and ask their opinion and price to install a flapper for you.  Their number is (760) 326-2626.

There were also reports of rotten egg smells in garages earlier this year that ended up being from a leaking natural gas line.  We recommend that you call the gas company and report any rotten egg smell so that they can immediately check it out for you.  The telephone number to SW Gas is 1-877-860-6020.